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“I see so many children suffering in the world – but I don’t know how to help”

We all see children suffering around the world, and want to do something about it. But finding the best way to help can be overwhelming. Millions of children need support, and there are so many charities out there.

How you choose to donate will affect children’s lives: whether they go to school, get the medical care they need, and receive the support of a loving family. All of these things determine a child’s future.

With so much to consider, you need to know the facts about the charity you choose.

How do you make the right decision?

We have been supporting SOS Children's Villages for about 35 years now. The organisation has always seemed to us a reliable, utterly practical, frontline charity. We prefer to send our donations to them in the certain knowledge that not one penny will go astray. —Helen and Guy, who support our work in Nicaragua

What if a charity could promise:

  • to give a vulnerable child a mother's love and a nurturing family home
  • regular updates on your child's progress
  • updates on how your donation is being used
  • to be trustworthy and transparent
  • a long history of working locally to deliver support where it's needed
  • 80p of every pound you give will go towards the care of children
  • to have a positive and long-term impact on children and their communities?

We would strongly recommend sponsoring a child. There is so much to be gained, by the child of course, but also by the sponsoring family. —Shirley, who sponsors with SOS Children's Villages in India and Croatia

Sponsoring a child with SOS Children's Villages means you can see the change you make as your child grows up. You can write to your sponsored child in their Village, and make extra gifts for birthdays and special occasions. We support children in 125 countries around the world, and if you want to, you can choose where to sponsor, as well as the age and gender of the child.

You can sponsor a child from £20 a month, and 80% of your sponsorship will be used for the care of orphaned and abandoned children. The remaining 20% will help us raise the money we need to reach even more children, and enable us to make sure that we are operating to the highest of standards. 

I would urge anyone thinking about sponsoring a child to consider SOS Children's Villages – it’s a great charity —Susie, who sponsors a child in Laos

We all know how important it is to grow up surrounded by a caring family. This is something we seek for every child we care for.

Our model is simple:

  • We help children whose parents are not there for them.
  • Six to ten children are cared for by an SOS mother, and they live as a family.
  • Together, several of these families make an SOS Children's Village.

SOS mothers look after children until they are independent adults. The tender love and care these mums are able to provide is very moving —Marcia, who sponsors a child in Zimbabwe

Children’s Villages are part of their wider community. Here, we help fragile families to provide a loving environment for the children in their care, by providing guidance and support tailored to the family's needs.

  • If there is no adequate medical care, we provide it.
  • If there is no school, we build one for the whole community.

But we don’t just send children to school. We ensure they receive quality education and all the support they need to flourish. We don’t just treat children when they’re sick, but work to ensure they are protected against illness. We don’t just put a roof over their heads, but give each child a loving family for life.

Join our supporters and help give a child a better life.

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Nelson Mandela
“Your work is a shining example of the kind of partnership on which the achievement of all our goals depends. We are encouraged by your approach to making the Villages serve as resource centres and models for communities.”

Nelson Mandela

Dalai Lama
“The splendid work done by SOS Children's Villages is charity where deeds speak louder than words. Providing orphaned and abandoned children with a new family and a permanent home has had a great influence on child welfare worldwide.

The Dalai Lama

Angelina Jolie
“We have seen first-hand the remarkable job SOS does to raise orphaned and abandoned children and keep families together. The SOS model of providing care for children without parental care is one of the best, as they are still in a family setting within their own country.”

Angelina Jolie

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Did you know? When a disaster happens, SOS Children is often already working in the area and is ready to start emergency relief.