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Sponsor a child in the Middle East

In the Middle East, war can leave children traumatised and at risk of being abandoned or orphaned. Poverty is also an issue which can leave children in need of help.

SOS Children's Villages works across the Middle East, providing a mother and home for children in our SOS Children's Villages. We also provide community-based care including healthcare and education to children and families in areas where children are at risk.

By sponsoring a child in the Middle East a chance to live a better life and helps a child overcome any trauma and associated psychological conditions they may have faced. 

Map of SOS Children's Villages where you can sponsor a child in the Middle East Syria Lebanon Palestinian Territories Israel Jordan

The Middle East

sponsor a child in Israel


At present we support over 300 people in Israel through two SOS Children’s Villages (Neradim and Migdal Haemek), three SOS Youth Homes, and two SOS Social Centres.

Children at Irbid, Jordan


The charity began its work in Jordan in Amman. There are now three SOS Children's Villages in the country. In 2003, SOS Children established an Emergency Relief Programme in Ruwayshid in western Jordan providing food, medicine and temporary accommodation for refugees from the war in neighbouring Iraq.

Sponsor a child Sferai, Lebanon


We have been working in Lebanon since 1966. We now operate four SOS Children's Villages in the country, one, Bhersaf, is near to the capital Beirut. An SOS Social Centre in Mkallès near Beirut, is run to help strengthen family ties and reduce levels of child abandonment.

Sisters supported by SOS Children in the Palestinian Territories


SOS Children's Villages built its first SOS Children's Village in Palestine, in the historic biblical town of Bethlehem in the West Bank in 1968. The Village has 14 family houses for 126 orphaned and abandoned children. In 1999, following three years of negotiation with the Palestinian authorities, a site close to Rafah- Gaza, in the south-west of the Gaza Strip, was given to SOS Children's Villages for a new Village.

Two sisters at Damacus CV Syria


We began working in Syria in 1981 when the first community was built in Qodsaya, 8 km from the capital Damascus. On the side of a hill on the road towards Lebanon, the village has eleven family houses which are home to 108 children. We're helping families affected by the war in Syria, Lebanon and across Europe. Find out more about how you can help Syrian refugees by taking a look at our refugee crisis appeal.


Did you know? In Chipata, Zambia, SOS Children runs a mobile medical centre, which is able to move between communities and offer vital medical care.