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Life in a Children's Village

When a child has been orphaned or abandoned, we provide them with a loving family and new home in an SOS Children's Village.

Four children running in front of an SOS family home
Fun and laughter at SOS Children's Village Cochin, in India

Here they are part of a unique community and receive support until adulthood. Life in a Children's Village means a happy childhood! 

What is a Children's Village?

We also run community programmes in the neighbourhoods around Children's Villages. These enable families living in fragile circumstances to stay together so children can stay with their biological family. To see inside a Children's Village and enjoy a tour by the children living there, watch these videos from Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Did you know? Most of our supporters enjoy the close personal connection of child sponsorship, but some prefer to sponsor a Children's Village. Find out more...

The sponsored child

An SOS mother smiles, cuddling her two little ones
Children grow up in a loving family, and are cared for by a
dedicated SOS mother

Cared for by an SOS mother

Growing up in a family home

SOS families create a unique community

Icon depicting a Children's Village

Several SOS families, often about twelve, live close together in a village structure. This way they can support one another, and children learn to participate actively in community life. We call these special communities SOS Children's Villages.

Although sharing common principles, each of our 560 Children's Villages are unique and fit in with their surrounding area and culture.

Holistic support from nursery to adulthood

A Children's Village shown from above
Family homes at SOS Children's Village Medan, Indonesia

Children living in an SOS Village receive outstanding healthcare and education. When they reach their teenage years, many join an SOS Youth Home. Here, we help them to become independent, and to complete higher education or vocational training courses. 

Learn more about how we support young people when they are ready to leave a Children's Village.

Our community programmes help local families

From SOS Children's Villages, we run community outreach programmes that support vulnerable families living in the local neighbourhood. These services aim to strengthen families and prevent children from becoming abandoned or orphaned.

Where possible, local families are welcomed to use SOS Nurseries, SOS Schools, SOS Medical Centres, and SOS Vocational Training Centres. SOS Children's Villages are fully integrated into the surrounding community.

Life in SOS Children's Village Tlokweng, Botswana

What better way to learn what life is like in a Children's Village than by watching some short videos? These children and SOS mothers from our Children's Village in Tlokweng, Botswana proudly show you round their home.

Life in SOS Children's Village Waterfalls in Zimbabwe

Every Children's Village is slightly different, reflecting the local culture and needs of the children. These children would love to give you the grand tour of their SOS family home in Waterfalls, Zimbabwe

Want to make a difference?

If you would like to support a child in an SOS Children's Village, become a child sponsor today! If you would prefer to support a whole Village community, learn about sponsoring a Children's Village.


Did you know? In Africa, where often thousands of people share one doctor, SOS Children builds medical centres for the community to use.