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Sponsor a child in Peru

Sponsor a child in PeruPeru is one of the larger countries (five times bigger than UK) in South America with a rich and varied culture and a wealth of natural resources.

However, the majority of the population of over 30 million are impoverished indigenous Native Americans, and the social contrasts between rich and poor are enormous.

Sponsor a child in Peru

Growing up in poverty

Peru's development has been held back by corruption and the failure to face up to social problems. Despite recent economic growth, there has been little improvement in the lives of the poorest people. Many live in massive slums, lacking even the most basic needs. The average daily income per person is less than £4 (In the UK the equivalent figure is £46).

Our Work in Peru

We started our work in Peru in 1975. Today there are ten SOS Children's Villages in Peru (one more is currently under construction) which are home to over 1200 children and young people. In addition there are 27 projects attached to the Villages providing education, social support and vocational training to the communities local to them.

Peru map


Zarate is the oldest SOS Children's Village in Peru.  It was opened in 1975. It is about three miles from the centre of Lima, the capital of Peru. It has 16 family houses, a community centre, an SOS Nursery and a handicrafts workshop. There is also a small farm.


We opened our second SOS Children's Village at Esperanza in 1978. It is located in Chosica, about 25 miles from the capital Lima. There are 12 family houses.

Rio Hondo

The third SOS Children's Village is also located in Chosica. The SOS Children's Village at Rio Hondo has 12 family houses, a nursery, a community centre and a workshop. The children attend the local schools in Chosica.


In northern Peru, close to the border with Ecuador, about 475 miles from Lima, is the SOS Children's Village Chiclayo.  It has 12 family houses, two SOS Youth Homes and a nursery. We set up two SOS Social Centres in Chiclayo to provide day care for children of working families and single mothers and other community support programmes.


SOS sisters, Lucia, Sylvia and Rebecca live at the newest family house in SOS Children's Village Pachacamac, Peru

In southern Peru lies Arequipa, the country's second largest city. The SOS Children's Village Arequipa is in Cerro Colorado in the western part of the city, in an area with good schools and other facilities which are used by the SOS Children's Village. It has 13 family houses and four youth houses. Two SOS Social Centres have also been established in Arequipa providing similar services to those in Chiclayo.


High in the Andes, and once the centre of the legendary Inca kingdom, Tahuantinsuyo, is a popular tourist attraction. The SOS Children's Village Cuzco, the sixth to be built in Peru, is close to the city centre, in the district of Santiago. Its 13 family houses and two SOS Youth Homes provide a family home for over 100 children and young people. There is also an SOS Social Centre providing community support programmes and child day-care.


Peru's seventh SOS Children's Village opened in 2000 in Huancayo, about 180 miles east of the capital, Lima. The 13 family houses in the SOS Children's Village Huancayo are home to more than 100 children. We run two SOS Social Centres that provide handicraft and household management courses for local women as well as a wide ranging education programme for local children.

Callao, Lima

The eighth community in Peru was opened in 2001 on land donated by the Archbishop of Peru. Callao is a district of Lima that has high unemployment and families on low incomes. The Village consists of 12 family houses and an SOS Social Centre that includes a day care centre for 120 pre-school children. In addition an SOS Social Centre provides medical care for children and their families from the local community.


Girl from Peru CV Ayachuco

A ninth Village was opened over by SOS Children in Pachacamac in 2007.  The Village has 8 family houses and two workshops, where carpentry, tailoring and gardening are taught. There is a sports ground, where the children can play and have fun. Small animals such as poultry and rabbits are kept in coops and hutches.


SOS Children began working in Juliaca in 2008. Today there is an SOS Children's Village which provides care for over 100 children who have lost their own family. 


The tenth Village in Ayacucho opened in 2010 and an eleventh in Puno is being built, whilst we are already providing a temporary home for 30 children.


A city of nearly 300,000, Cajaramarca struggles with high poverty and poor health due to mining and population growth. We provide support to struggling families and a loving home for children who cannot live with their parents.

Life in SOS Children's Villages Peru: Nily's story

Nily Gutierrez Gomes has just graduated from university with a degree in education. She is a source of great pride for her SOS family and for the whole community of SOS Children's Village Cuzco, where she grew up.

The staff there still remember the day when Nily, and her little brother Wilder, arrived at the Village. She was just eight years old and Wilder seven. Their mother had died unexpectedly and they were left alone in the world. The siblings were quickly welcomed into "Casa Paccha" where they were looked after my Panchita, their SOS mother. Nily remembers lots of mischief and games with her six SOS brothers and sisters, but she always made time to study. “I knew I wanted to succeed and have a career,” she says. Her hard-work paid off and she achieved a scholarship to study for two years in Costa Rica where she became an outstanding student. From there she was offered a place at the University of Cuzco back in Peru, close to where she grew up.

Nily’s SOS mother, Panchita, played a significant role in her success, teaching her values and responsibilities that have stood her in good stead as an adult. “Each word, each sentence that my mum said to me, I have kept in my heart,” says Nily. “Growing up in her care was an unforgettable experience and I always cherish it!”

Panchita is equally proud of her daughter who is about to start a job at a local child-care centre where she will teach young children.

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