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Sponsor a child in Haiti

Currently, we are only able to accept single donations towards our work in Haiti as all our children are fully sponsored.

Donate £10 to Haiti

If you would like to sponsor a child, we run three SOS Children's Villages in the Dominican Republic. Find out more.

SOS Primary School Cap Haitien Haiti

Haiti shares the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Children under-five in Haiti face the highest rates of mortality in the Western hemisphere.

SOS Children's Villages began its work in Haiti in 1978. In January 2010 the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, was hit by a devastating earthquake which killed thousands of people and left many children orphaned and without homes.

Rebuilding the community

This short video, shot three years after the earthquake, shows how short-term relief has evolved into ongoing support in the five years since the disaster.

A poor country devastated by earthquake

Before the earthquake in 2010, Haiti was already a desperately poor country. Decades of environmental degradation, violence, instability and dictatorship left it as the poorest country in the Americas. The diet is poor and consists mainly of rice and beans. 

Growing up in Haiti

  • Healthcare is scarce and prohibitively expensive
  • Infant mortality rates are high and thousands of children are orphaned
  • Nearly 10% of all children die before they reach the age of five
  • Although education is compulsory for children from the ages of seven to fourteen, the lack of classroom space and trained teachers makes it difficult to enforce this law

  • Only 10% of the country's primary schools are provided by the government; the rest are private.

Haiti map

Our work in Haiti

SOS Children's Villages operates three Villages across Haiti.


Another Haitian SOS Children's Village was built in Santo in 1984, approximately 15km from Port-au-Prince. It has 19 family houses and an SOS Youth Home with the capacity to give a home to 190 children. Each family house has its own garden to grow vegetables and fruit.

Cap Haitien

Following economic collapse in the country in 1986, high unemployment resulted in many families becoming desperately poor.

We decided to increase our presence in the country and in the late 1980s the SOS Children's Village Cap Haitien was established.

Les Cayes

The latest SOS Children's Villages is located in Les Cayes – Haiti’s third-largest city in the south of the country – which offers loving homes to up to 135 orphaned and abandoned children. 

Life in SOS Children's Villages Haiti: Walaxte, the all-round talent

Sponsor a child in HaitiWalaxte was born in 1992 and came to SOS Children's Village Cap Haitien in 1996. He is the oldest youth in his SOS family and likes to help his SOS mother clean the house or look after smaller siblings. His SOS mother counts on him and is thankful for the help he provides at home.

Walaxte is studying at the SOS Vocational Training Centre in Cap Haitien where he will soon graduate from his course in "fitting mechanics".

The intelligent boy has many hobbies. Among other things, he is a great gardener. Next to his house, he has planted bananas, vegetables and congo peas. He gives part of his harvest to the house which his SOS mother is very pleased about. He also likes fishing; when it rains a lot, water remains in the soil and after a few weeks he takes his basket to go fishing.

Due to his interest in crafts and engineering, Walaxte is also a handyman. He knows how to repair technical devices such as radios, televisions and mobile phones.

Last, but certainly not least, he is very good at drawing and painting. However, Walaxte lacks self-confidence and sometimes struggles to make the most from his various talents, especially as an artist. The Village director and his SOS mother are, however, convinced that these talents deserve and need to be cultivated and are planning to enrol him in an arts school so that he can pursue his artistic potential further.

Local Contact

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Tel: +509 2813 0370 

e-mail: bureau.national@sos-haiti.org



SOS Nurseries give young children preschool education in our SOS Children’s Villages. From here, children get quality preparation for life in our SOS Schools or community schools.