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SOS Children in Romania

Children infront of SOS Playbus in RomaniaSOS Children's Villages began its work in Romania following the fall of the Communist regime in 1990. In 1993, we opened our first two Children's Villages and began providing care for the country's most vulnerable children. Since then, we have extended our reach, and today we work in three locations in Romania.

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Sponsor a child in Romania

What is life like in Romania?

Progress has been slow and punctuated by regression since the fall of Communism in 1990. Many do not see improvement at all. A burgeoning economy was hit hard by the 2009 crisis, and recovery has been gradual. Healthcare is underfunded and under-resourced and staff shortages are exacerbated by people seeking a better life abroad. Meanwhile, HIV/AIDS blights many children of the 1980s, when orphans were routinely injected with contaminated blood as a food substitute.

Children face exploitation and violence

Romania is home to nearly 4 million children. Despite being one of the EU's newest members, the UN estimates that as many as 32,000 children under 14 may be involved in some form of child labour. Economic and political instability has had a deep impact on young people, with poverty and unemployment affecting many families. Some experience abuse and domestic violence, and many ultimately enter care.

Romania mapOur Work in Romania

At three Children's Villages across Romania, we provide vulnerable children with the opportunities they need to thrive. We offer a safe and secure upbringing to children who cannot live with their families. By providing quality education and good healthcare, we ensure they grow up equipped to succeed despite the tough conditions across much of Romania.

Our Villages act as a centre for our community work. By supporting fragile families, we ensure as many children as possible are able to grow up in stable environment. We fill gaps in education and healthcare, help struggling families pay for tuition or medical treatment, and get families earning through skills training.

Bucharest, Sibiu

SOS Children's Bucharest Village is near the city centre on the edge of Lake Floreasca, not far from the capital, Sibiu. Many young children live here and an SOS Youth Home provides a residential setting in which older children are guided towards a prosperous and independent adult life. An SOS Nursery allows infants from the Village and the community to mix in a safe and loving setting, aiding community cohesion and ensuring a harmonious upbringing for orphans and other local children. We also run a mobile SOS Playbus which travels through Bucharest, stopping at various diverse locations around the city to encourage play and offer new experiences dance, theatre and crafts.

sponsor a child in RomaniaCisnadie

Our Village in Cisnadie is near the city of Sibiu, about 300 km north-west of Bucharest, between the Transylvanian Alps and the Carpathians. Cisnadie has an SOS Youth Home where older children can acclimatise to adult life and take their first independent steps. An SOS Nursery supports families from the local community as well as children from the Village, encouraging the interaction and close contact which will aid social cohesion in later life, and helping parents who struggle to look after their children alone.

Our community outreach programme extends a helping hand to state schools and nurseries which struggle with resources from writing materials and food parcels. We believe a secure upbringing and a better education can help the children of Cisnadie overcome the hurdles of previous generations.


SOS Children's Villages recently took over a children’s village in Hemeiusi which was originally run by a Dutch charity. Our Hemeiusi Village is situated in Moldavia, one of Romania's poorest regions. The local nursery and schools are insufficient and in poor condition, and we work hard to give children what they need for a rich childhood and a successful adult life.

Happy to be supported by SOS Social Centre FSP at Bucharest, Romania

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