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Sponsor a child in Poland

At the moment, we're only able to take monthly donations towards our work in Poland as all our children are fully sponsored.

If you would like to sponsor a child, we care for children in SOS Children's Villages in 17 other Eastern European countries, and in 125 countries worldwide.

An SOS family in Bilgoraj, Poland enjoy a meal togetherFor many children, growing up is hard in Poland. Poverty and unemployment are high and this means many are raised in tough conditions, often with lifelong consequences. With the support of child sponsors, we provide care to the most vulnerable Polish children.

You can help. Give monthly to Poland's most vulnerable children and make a difference to young lives across the country.

I want to give monthly to Poland

One of Europe's poorest countries

Since leaving the Soviet Union in 1989, life in Poland has gradually improved. However, nearly one in five remain below the poverty line, and work is hard to come by for many. Deprivation is especially extreme in rural parts, where families lack access to basic infrastructure. When Poland joined the European Union in 2004, many left Poland to seek prosperity abroad, though today, people are slowly returning.

A tough childhood for many

Although the majority of children attend school, less than half benefit from a nursery education, slowing their learning and delaying the progress of primary education. This is particularly damaging for poor children who rely on education as an escape route from poverty. Limited support means children from families at risk are in danger of being taken into care. For these children, living conditions are often poor, and their life chances hampered, sometimes irreversibly.

A map of the SOS CV locations in Poland

Our work in Poland

We provide caring family homes for children who cannot grow up with their parents. We also support fragile families, helping them achieve self-sufficiency so they can care for their children.


Our first SOS Children's Village in Poland opened in 1983 in the south-eastern town of Bilgoraj. Here, we care for orphans and abandoned children, and offer special support for young people on the path to independence at our SOS Youth Home.


Our Children's Village in Krásnik opened in 1998. Here, we provide family care, support and therapy for children left without their parents. In the nearby city of Lublin, where job prospects are better, we help young people prepare for adult life at our SOS Youth Home.


An SOS family plays together in the Village playground in Siedlce, Poland

The Village in Siedlce offers care and support to vulnerable families in eastern Poland, near the border with Belarus. Here, we offer much-needed family care to children growing up without their parents. At our SOS Youth Home, we help young people make the transitional step to adulthood.


A particularly poor area of Poland, most families in rural Karlino live below the poverty line, and unemployment is high. We offer a loving family home to some of the region's most vulnerable children; a level of care impossible within mainstream orphanages. We provide children with the start they need to benefit from the best opportunities.

Local contact

SOS Children's Villages Poland

al. Wilanowska 309A

02-665 Warsaw

Tel: +48/22/460 92 49 

Email: info@wioskisos.org


With SOS Children, all sponsored children get a loving family, food, medical care and education from the charity.