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Sponsor a child in Armenia

sponsor a child in ArmeniaArmenia's relationship with its neighbours has left the economy weak, affecting the lives of ordinary people. Many children face deprivation and poor life chances, leading to a lifetime of poverty. Some find themselves in inadequate Soviet-era institutions even while their parents are still living. We are there to help Armenian children live a happy and fulfilled childhood.

You can help orphaned and abandoned children in Armenia by sponsoring a child with SOS Children's Villages:

Sponsor a child in Armenia

A country in decline

Once dubbed the silicon valley of the Soviet Union, Armenia's economy collapsed following independence, and today unemployment affects 17% of the workforce. Rural areas are poorly served by infrastructure and even clean water and decent sanitation is lacking in many parts. The Armenian population declined after independence as people went abroad in the search for employment.

Fractured families and inadequate care

When fathers emigrate in search of work, many mothers are unable to provide proper care for their children. Often, children have to help run the household, and 4% of under-14s in Armenia work to raise extra money. Inadequate support means that many children are taken into care even while their parents are still living. They often end up in old, run-down institutions and face stigmatisation in their future lives.

SOS Nursery School Kotayk Armenia

Our Work in Armenia

We began providing care to Armenia's most vulnerable children in 1990, when we opened our first Children's Village in Kotayk. Since 2006, we have extended our work to help families in the community stay together and provide a better environment for their children.

In 2014 we began running an emergency relief programme supporting Syrian-Armenian refugees in Yerevan, the capital city. We gave 150 families and 300 children shelter and food as well as healthcare and educational support.

Kotayk, Yerevan

We have offered care to children in Kotayk ever since a devastating earthquake struck Armenia in 1988. Our Children's Village is located about 10 miles from the capital Yerevan.

Our SOS nursery provides an early education in an area where no preschool facilities existed before we came to Kotayk. As our children get older, they join our SOS youth programme, where they can begin the journey to independence with the support of our staff.


Our second Children's Village is located in Idjevan, in the country’s north-east. The Village is close to the city centre, which offers schools, nurseries, a music school and a sports training centre.

Life in SOS Children's Villages Armenia: Little Adrine

Local ContactLittle Adrine spent her first few years growing up in an Armenian orphanage. While there she had heard of the SOS Children’s Village in Kotayk and had met a lot of the children who lived there.

Armenia map

 "All children from the Children’s Village knew a lot of things about nature and music and science. They were polite to adults and said 'good afternoon' and 'good bye' and 'please' and 'thank you'. The adults were also very nice to the children. No one yelled or hit a child. When I was told I was going to live at the Village, it was the happiest moment in my life!"

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