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Become a child sponsor and sponsor a child with SOS Children, like this small girl with short hair smiling and looking off cameraSponsor a child with SOS Children's Villages, and give an orphaned or abandoned child a loving family and all the support they need for a happy, healthy childhood. From just £20 a month, you can change this child’s life.

You will provide your child with a loving family home in the care of an SOS mother – as well as the best education and healthcare. You can choose to sponsor in over 120 countries, and our secure sponsorship form makes it easy for you to help a child in need today.

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What makes our child sponsorship special?

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  • We give your child long-term care – a family home, food, a school, and healthcare
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  • You can visit or write to your sponsored child in their Village
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  • You will receive a welcome pack, written updates, and photos to keep you informed 
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  • You can make extra gifts into a savings account for birthdays and special occasions
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  • 80% of your sponsorship will go to the Village where your child lives
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Why sponsor with us?

Why is child sponsorship with SOS Children's Villages special? Find out how you can make a difference.

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Sponsors' stories

For every SOS sponsor, child sponsorship is a unique and rewarding experience. Here, they share their stories.

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Where to sponsor

You can choose where to sponsor a child. View a list of all the countries where we care for children.

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Sponsorship FAQs

It's likely you will have many questions about child sponsorship. Here we answer the most common.

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Child sponsors with SOS Children get regular updates on developments with their sponsored child and the village they live in.