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Where we work

We work wherever children need a loving home. SOS Children's Villages supports vulnerable children, as well as fragmenting families, in 125 countries across five continents.

Children holding a globe
Children in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia marvel at a globe

Thanks to child sponsors, children flourish in Children's Villages worldwide.

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Global reach, local impact

We work wherever children need care. Often, we are invited into a country by its government, who we work in partnership with. Such cooperation means we can work in a country on a long-term basis – whatever the political situation – and that the care we offer is integrated into existing social services.

Wherever we work, we respect the local culture and are sensitive to each child's and each community's particular needs. Our projects are run by staff who are from the country they are working in, and are familiar with local traditions and values. In this way, we are able to have a global reach while ensuring a local impact.

A little boy proudly holds a huge globe above his head
This child in Mexico has the whole
world in his hands

How many countries does SOS Children's Villages work in?

We are present in 134 countries around the world. In 125 of these countries, we have active projects, such as SOS Children's Villages and family strengthening programmes.

In other countries, our efforts are focused on fundraising and raising awareness of SOS Children's Villages work. For example, while there are no active projects in the United Kingdom, we work hard here to raise funds that help vulnerable children across the world.

To see a world map of where we work, visit our where you can sponsor a child page.

The best way you can support our work is to become a child sponsor. You can sponsor a child living in an SOS Children's Village in any of the continents below.

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Our first Children's Village in the African continent opened in 1971, in Ivory Coast. There are now nearly 150 Children's Villages in 46 African countries. We run more educational projects in Africa than on any other continent, with 113 SOS Schools and 17 SOS Vocational Training Centres.

Learn about the children we support in Africa...

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There are 149 Children's Villages across Asia, providing care for 27,000 children. We opened our first Village here in 1965 in South Korea. We have initiated several emergency relief programmes in Asia, such as after the Asian Tsunami, the 2013 typhoon in the Philippines and the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

Find out more about our work in Asia...

Two Haitian girls laughing at a magazine together

Central and South America

Beginning in Uruguay in the late 50s, there are now 139 Children's Villages in Latin America. An example of our emergency relief work in the region is the ongoing support we have given to children and families in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Discover where we work in Central and South America

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SOS Children's Villages was founded in Europe, and the very first Children's Village was built in Austria in 1949 for children orphaned during World War II. There are now 118 SOS Children's Villages across West and East Europe.

Learn more about the children we care for in Europe

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The Middle East

We work in five countries in the Middle East: Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. Our first SOS Children's Villages in the region opened in the 1960s. In Syria, we continue to deliver emergency relief to children and families affected by the civil war.

Find out about SOS Children's work in the Middle East

Want to find out more about where we work? See a world map of SOS Children's Villages work, and a list of the 125 countries where children need your support.

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