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Previous emergency appeals

When disaster strikes, we respond quickly to the immediate needs of affected children and families. Find out about our response to some of the worst disasters of recent years.
Children play while their parents try to rebuild their lives
When Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines,
we set-up several child-friendly spaces where
children could play, laugh and learn.
  • Syria crisis: Our child-friendly spaces in Damascus ensure children can remain children even during the worst conflict can throw at them.
  • Nepal earthquake: After two major earthquakes hit the country in 2015, we responded quickly, providing food, water, and shelter to those affected. In the following weeks, we established child-friendly spaces to help children escape the chaos. We continue to look after orphan children, as well as children who remain separated from their parents. 
  • Ebola: We supported families affected by Ebola and are helping children orphaned by the disease. If there is no-one to care for them, we are placing them in SOS families.
  • Central African Republic: In 2014, when conflict caused many children to be separated from their families, we provided temporary care and worked with local authorities to reunite them with their families.
  • Typhoon Haiyan: In 2013, one of the history's worst storms devastated vast areas of the Philippines. Ever since we have remained to help local people rebuild their lives. Our focus is on long-term, sustainable and community-led initiatives so that families can thrive and have hope for a bright future.
  • Asian tsunami: After the Asian tsunami in 2010, when, sadly, many children were orphaned, we provided them with a new family home in SOS Children's Villages. See the interactive timeline.
  • Haiti earthquake: After the massive 2010 earthquake in Haiti, we swiftly delivered essential items to children and families affected, including basic medical supplies, food and clean water. See the interactive timeline...

Learn more about our approach to emergency reliefor see below for a list of our most recent emergency appeals.

Nepal emergency appeal

You can help children and families affected by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal.

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Ebola emergency appeal

You can provide care for children left orphaned and alone by the Ebola crisis with SOS Children

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Typhoon Haiyan 2013-14

Raising funds to help those affected by the Philippines typhoon disaster of Nov 2013

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Syria crisis

Help families whose lives have been shattered by the ongoing war in Syria

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Sahel famine 2012-13

Our charity is running an emergency appeal for children and families affected by drought and famine in the Sahel region of Africa

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South Sudan conflict 2012

On April 8th 2012, the government of Sudan plans to move 2,000 vulnerable children over its border into South Sudan. They are expected to be taken from the streets and orphanages and sent by train.

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East Africa famine 2011

SOS Children has been working in East Africa for many years. Here you can find a collection of articles related to the East Africa famine

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Pakistan floods 2010

A folder containing all the information on our appeal to help victims of 2010 flooding in Pakistan

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Haiti earthquake 2010

News articles about SOS Children's response to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Full details of our emergency appeal and our work with Haiti orphans. How to help Haiti orphans becoming a sponsor.

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