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SOS child in bath in Malawi
Nearly a third of Malawi's children do not attend primary school, and more than one in ten live with HIV/AIDS. We work in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu to help families provide a safe, happy childhood for their children, and to provide care for those who cannot grow up with their parents. … more about our charity work in Malawi

See your Village on Google Maps

Our update to Google Maps lets you see the difference you're making
Our update to Google Maps lets you see the difference you're making

From the suburbs of bustling Brasília, Brazil’s capital city, to the isolated Tunisian coastal town of Mahrès, our supporters help provide a loving home for vulnerable children worldwide. Now, a new feature of Google Maps lets you see exactly where you're making an impact.

When you sponsor a child online, one click can help transform a vulnerable child’s life on the other side of the globe. But from the comfort of your living room, it can be difficult to imagine how your donation is helping. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see where your support is having an impact?

Look closer at your Children's Village

We’re always trying to bring you a better understanding of how your donations are making a difference, and give you more than just facts and figures. Now you can see your Children’s Village – without having to board a plane!

Our recent update to Google Maps allows you to zoom in and take a closer look at the Children’s Village you support. If you sponsor a child, you can zoom in and take a bird’s-eye view of their Village home. If you've made a general donation, you can see the huge network of SOS communities around the world where your support is helping.

Blantyre maps video

See a bird’s-eye view of an SOS Children’s Village

  1. Open up a Google Maps webpage
  2. Type into the search bar “SOS Children’s Village” followed by the town/city name and then the country
  3. Click “satellite” in the bottom left-hand corner
  4. Zoom in by using the scroll on your mouse or the plus button (+) in the bottom right-hand corner

Is my Village there?

We know you're dying to see if the SOS Village you support is on Google Maps, so we've cut out all the hard work. The map below shows every SOS Children's Village currently featured. Simply click on the map to go to Google Maps and begin exploring.

All SOS Villages on Google Maps

See it in 3D

Some places even have a special feature that allows you to see your Children’s Village in 3D. At the moment, you need an internet browser extension to do this. Click the image below, and if you have the extension, you'll be able to explore our Village in Porto Alegre in 3D.

SOS Village in Porto Alegre, Brazil on Google Maps in 3D

Last but not least – thank you!

Your support not only provides children with the physical foundations of a safe family home that you can see on Google Maps, but also the foundations for a better life.

If looking closer at Children's Villages around the world has inspired you to change a child's life, then why not learn more about child sponsorship?

Many thanks to our volunteer Lucy for writing this article.