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SOS Children's Villages UK corporate brochure

Corporate brochure imageDownload the booklet to learn how SOS Children's Villages UK can work successfully with your company.

Corporate partnership

By partnering with SOS Children's Villages, you can achieve your CSR goals while bringing a brighter future to the world's most vulnerable children. With projects in 125 countries worldwide, a charity partnership with SOS Children's Villages means numerous opportunities to engage with communities around the world.

We already partner with a range of big names, from BT, HSBC and Microsoft to SThree, AMEC and Subsea 7.

Interested in becoming a partner? or give us a ring – a member of the corporate team will be happy to talk to you.

Why partner with us?

As a global charity, a partnership with SOS Children's Villages means you can work with communities where you work. This is just one of the numerous benefits your company will enjoy by partnering with SOS Children's Villages. A partnership with SOS Children's Villages allows you to:

  • Demonstrate the four pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility: workplace, community, environment and marketplace.
  • Engage your team in workplace fundraising, charity challenges and social events.
  • Connect with communities in need and help provide sustainable solutions through long-term commitment to our work.
  • See the impact you make through regular updates on the projects you are supporting.
  • Boost your brand reputation through cause-related marketing.

Ready to partner?

Contact our Corporates team to begin your partnership today.

Email corporates@soschildren.org or give us a ring on 01223 365589.