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Donating shares

Grinning boy from Mthata South Africa 29077Donating shares is a great way to help our work if you own shares that you don't know what to do with, or simply want to make a difference through your investments.

Whatever the value of the gift you'd like to make, we are also extremely grateful to receive any donations from share givers.

How do I donate my shares?

There are two ways to donate shares to SOS Children's Villages, dependent on their value.

Shares worth less than £500

If you own shares worth less than £500, we would encourage you to contact ShareGift, a charity set up to distribute donated shares to other charities, as specified by donors. We work with ShareGift because this saves us money which we can direct instead to our global work helping the world's most vulnerable children.

Whereas it would be costly for us to process smaller shares, ShareGift group your gift with other donations to get as much value from it as possible, while maintaining relatively low administration costs. They then break the donations down again and transfer the right amount to the charity you have nominated. You can find out more about how the process works on this page of the ShareGift website.

If you're ready to donate you shares through ShareGift, please visit this page of their site.

Shares worth more than £500

If you have shares worth more than £500, please contact us directly to donate your shares.

You can call 01223 365589 (or +44 1223 365589 from overseas), email shares@soschildrensvillages.org.uk, or write to:

SOS Children's Villages UK
Terrington House
13-15 Hills Road

Visit our donate page to discover other ways to give. We couldn't continue our global work without the generous support of our donors. However you choose to give, we are very grateful for your donation.


Did you know? An SOS mother will often work for SOS Children for many years, caring for several generations of children.