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Islamic giving

Little boy at CV Damascus

For many Muslims, making charitable donations is an important part of worship. Here, you can find out about Islamic giving with SOS Children's Villages.

While we are unfortunately no longer able to process Zakat donations, you can still make a contribution to SOS Children's Villages' work in other ways. 

Making a Sadaqah donation to SOS Children's Villages

Sadaqah comes from an Arabic word meaning “truth” and “honesty”. Sadaqah is entirely optional, ranging from a smile to the establishment of a permanent asset such as a well or school. It may be given at any time and in any amount. Muslims are encouraged to give to charity at all times according to their means.

By making a contribution to SOS Children's Villages, you can be sure your donation will help give some of the world's neediest children a loving family home.

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Alternatively, decide where you want to give your donation by seeing where you can help Muslim families.

Sadaqah Jariya

Girls and boys from an SOS family, PakistanSadaqah Jariya is a special form of Sadaqah which provides a continuous service, and as a consequence brings continuous rewards for the contributor even long after he or she has passed away. It includes digging a well, building an orphanage, mosque or school or distributing knowledge.

To perform meaningful and longlasting Sadaqah, you might consider sponsoring a child with SOS Children's Villages. By doing so, you will help an orphaned or abandoned child grow up in the care of a loving mother, surrounded by their SOS brothers and sisters in a loving family home.You can choose from most of the 125 countries where we work, many of which have a substantial Muslim population. 

Sponsoring a child

You are very welcome to sponsor a child as part of your Sadaqah Jariya. Here is a list of predominantly Muslim countries where we work, and where the majority of children in our Villages are likely to be Muslim.

Please note that we do not offer “Zakat” or “Ramadan” sponsorships. While the countries below have predominantly Muslim populations and you may choose to sponsor during Ramadan, child sponsorships are handled as part of our normal process. Thank you!

SOS Children in Pakistan

SOS Children's Villages in Pakistan

For over 35 years SOS Children’s Villages in Pakistan have been giving orphaned and abandoned children a mother, brothers and sisters, a home and a better future. You can sponsor a child in Pakistan here:

Sponsor a child in Pakistan

SOS Children in Palestinian Territories

SOS Children's Villages in the Palestinian Territories

We have been working in the Palestinian Territories since 1968, and now have two SOS Children’s Villages in the country, located in Bethlehem and Rafah-Gaza. You can sponsor a child in Palestinian Territories here:

Sponsor a child in Palestine



SOS girls having fun in Syria

SOS Children's Villages in Syria

For more than 30 years, SOS Children's Villages have worked in Syria, giving orphans and vulnerable children love, support and a home. We also support and deliever emergency relief to children and families affected by the current civil war. You can sponsor a child in Syria here: 

Sponsor a child in Syria

SOS Children in Morocco

SOS Children in Morocco

Our five SOS Children’s Villages in Morocco offer a safe and welcoming home for over 500 children with no one else to care for them. You can sponsor a child in Morocco here:

Sponsor a child  in Morocco

There are many other countries with a Muslim majority where you can sponsor a child. Click the links below to find out how we are providing the very best for children in these countries:

Sponsor a child now

We are grateful to trustee Ayesha Khan for help with this section of our website.

Please note that we are no longer able to process Zakat donations in accordance with Islamic law. 


SOS Children helps children in rural and urban areas. Many of our villages are located near to urban centres and community projects help rural children.